Prevention and Survivor Strategies


In January 2009, I became a member of a Sorority no one wants to join.  I was hijacked into the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer patients.  Obviously, I would have preferred to decline this membership, but I feel that I was given this challenge for a reason.  It is with this spirit in mind that I hope I can help others facing the same challenge by providing a forum to share ideas.

Since my diagnosis, I have sought and obtained the best medical treatment available for my type of cancer.   Although I believe in taking advantage of everything conventional medicine has to offer, I also believe in supplementing this treatment with alternative practices such as diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

My hope is that this blog will bring together women and men fighting breast cancer to share our strategies for healthy living.  We can discover together what complimentary practices long term cancer survivors share.

If you are a long-term breast cancer survivor, please share any strategies you have found helpful to stay healthy.

If you would like to share your story..I’d love to listen.  Any ideas on healthy recipes, exercise tips or coping strategies would be most welcome.

Thanks for reading and sharing! I hope to hear from you.

God Bless,


Please visit my website to read about a wonderful vaccine being developed at the Cleveland Clinic.  More of my story and details of what we are doing to raise the money for clinical trials of this amazing drug are explained.

American Institute for Cancer Research – Great Recipe Ideas

I’ll post their recipes each week. I will offer suggestions on how I might modify them to make them more healthy.

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